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Fibaro Universal Sensor


The Universal Binary Sensor is a wireless module that makes it possible to improve the functionality of any sensor with a binary output by allowing it to communicate with the wireless Z-Wave network. Moreover, the module allows for wireless communication between the system and the DS18B20 temperature sensors. The device can service up to two binary sensors and up to four DS18B20 temperature sensors. The Sensor was designed for installation in the housing of a sensor or another device, the functionality of which we wish to improve. The Universal Binary Sensor may be used whenever wireless collection of data from sensors is required. Once additional safety housing have been installed, the Sensor can also be used in areas with high humidity and high temperature. The Sensor’s main function is the integration of the wireless Z-Wave system with the existing wire-based and wireless alarm and measurement systems. As an element of the safety system the device is transparent for parametric alarm lines.

- Communicates via Z-Wave RF (868,42 MHz)
- Input: 2 potential-free inputs, 1 digital input 1-wire
- Output: 2 potential-free outputs
- Maximum current carrying capacity of outputs: 150mA
- Maximum voltage at output contacts: 36V DC / 24V AC ±5%
- Compatible with regular and parametric alarm lines (can be connected to 2 alarm detectors)
- Compatible with binary sensors (can be connected to 2 binary outputs)
- Compatible with DS18B20 temperature sensors (can be connected to four DS18B20 temperature sensors)
- Measurement temperature range: -55°C ~ 126°C
- Supply voltage: 9-30V DC ±10%









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